About 4system

4system company has been specialising in eLearning since its establishment in 1996.

4system has actively co-shaped this market, basic rules, schemes, as well as training notation standards and, what is the most important, design of the methodology of trainings applying multimedia techniques.

We are one of few providers of the media for educational purposes to have designed a few dozen of ideas connected with the content of a lesson as far as motivating students is concerned. We do realise about obstacles, which occur while trying to change a teacher-oriented lesson to a student-oriented one. Emphasis on motivating an employee to learn has been many times one of the fundamental traits of a training.

Specialists in content-related and technical aspects have been acclaimed all over the world as leaders in the field of designing of effective techniques of knowledge dissemination by means of electronic devices. They apply ideas widely acknowledged but, at the same time, they constantly introduce improvements and innovations increasing the quality and efficacy of teaching.

4system experience includes over one hundred courses, trainings, studies and eLearning exams. We are completely aware of essential traits of trainings run for service staff of production companies
and what should be emphasized while designing courses for sale representatives.
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Due to varied demands on the training market, the amount of orders we have carried out and to various clients needs, we have acquainted ourselves with almost every technology of the eLearning training creation. What is more, we have designed specialist tools, which optimise electronic courses, accelerate work, while preparing course scenarios and reduce costs of their extension and modification. These factors allow us to be able to offer much more attractive conditions, in case courses should require any changes in their content or form. Furthermore, it is possible for us to provide you with necessary tools and allow you to modify training content by yourself. Such a solution is going to make you independent of outside companies and help you to significantly reduce costs.
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As the clients we have worked for represent firms and corporations operating in the wide range of fields and specialisations, we have developed an ability to design courses diverse in subject matter and form.

Clients satisfaction, together with our expertise, has led to establishing a firm co-operation between 4system and significant international corporations in the scope of eLearning services.